9CD ACE Mural Proposal

Location: 9CD ACE Wards at St. Paul's Hospital

General Summary:
This proposal is for 4 interior murals on the walls along the hallway of the 9CD ward. The murals are viewable by the public, thus approval by the Communications Department will be required.

Stakeholder Consultation:
ACE team members from various disciplines will be consulted for the design process. This will include doctors, SW, OT, PT, NP, UC, TST, patient care manager and nurses.

Technical Process:
The artwork will be painted on plywood, which will include pre-sand sides and pilot holes pre-drilled in preparation for the mounting process. The Building Trades Supervisor has agreed to the technical arrangements and will approve the mural sizing to ensure no signage or outlets are blocked. Scaffolding will not be required for the painting process.

Dimension of Mural:
The proposed murals will be approximately 4 ft in height and the width will differ between 3 ft to 6ft between the 4 murals . 

Wall Outside the CNL Office

Wall Outside House Keeping 9206

Wall Outside Multipurpose Room 9226


Wall Outside Office 9217

Proposed Mural Description:
Sharon will work collaboratively with the 9CD team to develop imagery consistent with a preferred theme/message.

Imagery utilized in this proposal is meant to convey only a general sense of scale and complexity and is not indicative of the final design. Sharon will produce artwork on-site at St. Paul's Hospital .This mural will be executed by experienced artist using acrylic paint. The mural will be safely secured on the wall by a professional to ensure the longevity of the mural.

The subject matter of the mural will be determined by the client during the mural design process. Design elements are expected to be engaging for the patients and inspired by the beautiful West Coast Vancouver. There will be no logos, words, or commercial imagery in the mural.

The current proposed design is inspired by the 4 seasons. Each mural will represent one of the 4 seasons: Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. The layered gradient design for each mural will feature iconic Vancouver landmarks, including, but not limited to Whistler, Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, Vancouver Skyline.

Patients and staff will be able to see the four seasons of iconic Vancouver landmarks as they walk around the ward.

The 4 murals will be connected by:
- The rise and fall of the sun 
- a whimsical black bear integrated into each piece
- a flock of foraging birds

See below for preliminary drafts of the suggested design:

The proposed design style will be more similar to the following:

See examples of Sharon’s past work below.


Mural Process: 
Sharon designs all commissioned work with a collaborative process that includes the client. There will be 2 interviews with the client. The first to gather information to create a design and a second to receive feedback and get design approval.

After the first meeting, Sharon will work to create imagery and ideas that will be combined into the final design. After many hours of sketching, talking and planning, the lead artist will weave the best ideas into the final design. This will be presented to the client for approval at the second meeting and the painting process will begin.

Proposed Timeline:

Sharon will be working on this project between February and June of 2022. 

Quoted Price : $2000
This would include the design process, the painting process and the required paint (approximately $600-700+ taxes ) /brushes.

The building trades department will provide the material necessary for mounting the artwork to the wall.


Thank you for considering this mural proposal and supporting local artists.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at sharonleung.ca@gmail.com if you have any further questions.


About the Artist

Sharon is a local artist from Vancouver, BC. She is also a working pharmacist at St. Paul's Hospital's Geriatric unit. She first started mural painting in 2004 when she established the Mural Club in Coquitlam. The club we dedicated towards leading local teens in creating mural projects throughout the TriCity Area.

Since then, Sharon has had experience painting ceiling murals at St. Paul's Hospital (SPH) 's 10C and 7A offices. She has experience working with SPH's trades & building department; and is in good working relationship with their staff.

In the past, Sharon has worked on various team projects, including SPH' s Antimicrobial Stewardship Team- in creating visual schematics to help communicate therapeutic concepts to staff visually. These projects would include feedback from multiple stakeholders including the ID physicians, pharmacists, med safety, nurses, pathologist, microbiologist and medical fellows.

Sharon continues to share her artwork in shows, community centers, art galleries and conventions throughout Canada and the US. She actively shares her artwork on her Youtube channel and have taught painting workshops  throughout the lower mainland.